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Business Areas


termoizolacijaExtensive experience in design and construction of industrial buildings variety of purposes indicates that the correct choice of insulation elements of the basis and prerequisite for perfect functioning of each cooling system.


Air Conditioning

klimatizacijaAir conditioning facilities for the very specific installation provides great opportunities for new solutions and innovations in terms of concept and execution.


The business area COOLING /Refigeration

Many years of experience in industrial refrigeration  make  Eko Elektrofrigo as one of the leading companies in this field in Serbia.We provide technical support, design , projects  and  installations  . In our instalations are  the most famous manufacturers: Bitzer, Danfoss, Alfa Laval . All systems are designed „ custom- made “  to meet the needs for production processes  .
In accordance with world trend  of energy saving our systems provide a large COP in operation.


ULO Technology

This concept is based on the maintenance of controlled atmosphere chambers. The abbreviation comes from ULO "Ultra Low Oxygen," which means "extremely low levels of oxygen." Controlled atmosphere allows extended storage of fruits and vegetables. It is understood very well the performance in terms of chamber gas leak, sealing and the use of specially designed elements (of cooling doors, window control, and service editorials for pipes and cables ...).