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The business area COOLING /Refigeration

Many years of experience in industrial refrigeration  make  Eko Elektrofrigo as one of the leading companies in this field in Serbia.We provide technical support, design , projects  and  installations  . In our instalations are  the most famous manufacturers: Bitzer, Danfoss, Alfa Laval . All systems are designed „ custom- made “  to meet the needs for production processes  .
In accordance with world trend  of energy saving our systems provide a large COP in operation. Our field are :
- Classical freezing tunnels for fruit and meat  up to 50 T
- DX systems for continuous tunnel
- Pump systems for the continuous tunnels and plate freezers
- Refrigeration in the meat industry
- Refrigeration in meat processing
- Refrigeration in the dairy industry
- Refrigeration in fruit processing industry
- Refrigeration for cooling storage
- Equipping food retail – Super markets and retail store
- ULO  storage for apples

All our systems are designed to provide high energy efficiency. By using Danfoss Adap-Kool system  savings are   up to 30%  compared to conventional cooling systems.

Additional cost savings and efficiency we achieve using water condensers and evaporative condensers . Low condensing temperature  in the system provides a high cooling capacity and COP.

In installations where the air condensers apply is necessary we apply system "Water-spray" to reduce the condensing temperature ,  and  also frequency control of the fan.

Compressor racks are specialties of  Eko Elektrofrigo .They feature is industrial design that enable  easy access and service. In rack we use  screw and piston compressors Bitzer.

Eko Elektrofrigo has applied its experience in storage  under 'Controlled Atmosphere' (CA) or 'Ultra Low Oxygen' (ULO) .

The main advantages of Eko Elektrofrigo are:
- Meny years of experience
- Professional staff in all areas
- Highly trained service technicians
- Large stock of components
- The concept of "one-stop"