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termoizolacijaExtensive experience in design and construction of industrial buildings variety of purposes indicates that the correct choice of insulation elements of the basis and prerequisite for perfect functioning of each cooling system.

An easy task to reconcile the one hand, the technological requirements imposed by the concrete system, thermodynamic calculations, the physical properties of materials and energy efficiency standards, and on the other hand, the economic aspect of the decision that is in today's era is usually the first argument is the set of bidders

For the needs of our customers, Eko Elektrofrigo for many years successfully face the mentioned aspects and we can say that we offer a response to modern demands, especially in the field of thermal insulation in industrial refrigeration.

The complete solution and installation of thermal insulation on dozens of buildings, of which a significant number built on a "turnkey", is what provides security for our customers the reliability and economic feasibility of the invested funds.

Years of practice and collaboration with leading European manufacturers of insulating elements gave us the opportunity to make a choice according to your needs at very competitive commercial terms?

We offer:

Insulating Panels
We need planning, preparing lists of cutting plans, deliver and install a wide range of sandwich panels to fill depending on the application object (polyurethane, rock wool and IPN).

Delivery and installation of all types of cooling doors - sliding, revolving, manual, automatic. We offer assistance in selecting the technological requirements of the building, dimensional requirements, temperature regimes, and so on.

Gutters, sanitary boards and other components for a quality installation.

Vertical blinds for doors, spare parts and others.

And of course, at any time shall be glad to meet you with guidance and suggestions to make your investment is safe and cost-effective in the short term.