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ULO Technology

This concept is based on the maintenance of controlled atmosphere chambers. The abbreviation comes from ULO "Ultra Low Oxygen," which means "extremely low levels of oxygen." Controlled atmosphere allows extended storage of fruits and vegetables. It is understood very well the performance in terms of chamber gas leak, sealing and the use of specially designed elements (of cooling doors, window control, and service editorials for pipes and cables ...).

The system is designed to control:
O2Lowering content of oxygen (O2) slows fruit respiration and allows a longer period of storage. However, too low content of oxygen leads to the "suppression" of the fetus, therefore it is necessary to provide adequate ventilation to ensure that oxygen levels in cold storage does not fall too low.
CO2During breathing, fruits and vegetables convert oxygen into carbon dioxide (CO2). If the CO2 level is too high, it can damage your fruit and therefore must be eliminated.
N2Za reaching phase of slow breathing fruit and sometimes it takes more than 3 weeks during which time fruit is breathing normally, with a large amount of energy consumed. It is therefore recommended that the oxygen in cold storage decreases more rapidly and controlled manner - by injecting nitrogen (N2).

The quality of the equipment to control the atmosphere is an extremely important aspect - leading the team, we decided to use the leading European suppliers of equipment ULO - Besseling Fruit Group and Control.

In the developed world is the principle of ULO already become a norm for the storage of pears and apples. We believe that our country offers the potential of modern storage facilities and a huge multi-profitable!

Eko Elektrofrigo a reference in designing and performing ULO concept that we use as a valuable experience for the development of future projects. Be part of the business world of the future - become our business partner and willing to answer all the demands of quality!