• Svetolika Nikačevića 11, Belgrade

Completed works on the new facility in Velika Plana

During this month, the works of Eko Elektrofrigo Ltd.were completed at the new facility of the investor Žitostok Ltd. in Velika Plana. The poultry meat processing plant is completely covered by refrigeration installations designed and executed by Eko Elektrofrigo Ltd. Cooling systems are divided into three sections. The plus temperature system is connected to one central refrigeration unit and two condensers located above the machine room. It includes two cooling chambers for the storage of poultry meat, an antechamber for handling goods, a packing room, a tunnel antechamber, as well as rooms for bones and meat separation. The minus regime system includes two minus regime cooling chambers, and the tunnel system is a classic tunnel freezer for meat. Both systems have separate refrigeration units located inside special machine rooms, as well as condensers positioned on the facade of the facility. All compressors are manufactured by BITZER, and automatics by Danfoss. Air coolers and condensers are from LU-VE Group, except for the tunnel one. As an additional equipment, the Danfoss System Manager monitoring system is installed. The system is completely flexible and enables both local and remote monitoring of the operation of the cooling installation, with a graphic display of all operating and measuring points. #eef #refrigeration