• Svetolika Nikačevića 11, Belgrade

Participants of the international summit “EER Summit for Industrial Refrigeration’s Distributors 2022”

Representatives of Eko Elektrofrigo Ltd. were participants of the international summit "EER Summit for Industrial Refrigeration's Distributors 2022", which was hosted by the company Danfoss. On the occasion of the opening of a new factory in Poland, the Danfoss company organized a two-day event, which included lectures and training in the field of industrial cooling, as well as a visit to the factory itself and a tour of production. On the first day of the summit, new Danfoss products were discussed, as well as their advantages and possible applications. Participants also had the opportunity to expand their knowledge of the most commonly applied systems in the world of industrial cooling. The following day, a visit was organized to the newly opened Danfoss factory, where the entire production could be seen firsthand. After that, a tour of the old part of the production was organized, followed by a workshop, where through practical examples the participants were able to familiarize themselves with all the benefits of the new Danfoss products. The crown of this event certainly remains the exchange of good examples from practice, experiences and new acquaintances, which always bring the possibility of new potential collaborations and improvement. #eef #refrigeration