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Cooling systems for indirect cooling – chillers

A liquid cooler – also known as chiller, is a device manufactured for cooling water or a solution of glycol and water, which is used in a technological process. An air condenser is also used as a crucial component of our chiller. The main quality of Eko Elektrofrigo is that we fully adapt to the requirements of investors and offer the possibility of designing and manufacturing a unique chiller in accordance with the requirements.

The operation of the chiller is fully automatic, controlled by Danfoss processors that maintain the set parameters of the cold water by regulating the capacity of the compressor, and thus the constant presence of a specially trained person is not required to operate the chiller.

Upon installation, we perform a functional test of the equipment in compliance with all professional protocols, as well as the first commissioning of the equipment, before handing it over to the user. We provide the investor with instructions for the handling and maintenance of our equipment, as well as the training of a person designated by the investor.