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From the first days, until today, the company Eko Elektrofrigo represents a leader in innovations in the field of refrigeration technology. For 26 years, our personal mark has been the desire to employ cutting-edge technology and to perfectly tailor solutions to the needs of investors.


With 26 years of experience and a team of 8 engineers, a large number of serious references, we guarantee the highest level of quality engineering services. With creative teamwork, the goal is to assist our clients to fulfil their requirements, adding value through technical diversity and efficient organization.


We create our products in our own workshop, according to the clients' requirements, with an experienced team of craftsmen.


With a reliable, professional team of associates, we offer the implementation of the most modern cold storage projects based on “turnkey" system. Our references speak for us.


With the goal of always achieving long-term cooperation with investors, we uncompromisingly emphasize the quality and reliability of the services and products we offer.


Our professional team offers the possibility of organizing training in the field of refrigeration technology. A regular part of Eko Elektrofrigo's services is the training of users during the handover of our products, i.e. constructed facilities.


As the main distributor of equipment from well-known European companies such as Bitzer, Danfoss, Alfa Lu-Ve, etc. for the Republic of Serbia, we offer the possibility of delivery of various parts and equipment for refrigeration systems.


Regular preventive maintenance of the constructed facilities and 24/7 support for users, with a guaranteed supply of spare parts for the delivered equipment by suppliers for whom we are distributors.

About company Eko Elekofrigo

Company Eko Elektrofrigo d.o.o. is a family business founded in 1996, which from the first days of its business strives for innovative solutions in the field of refrigeration technology. Today, Eko Elektrofrigo is one of the market leaders in the industrial cooling sector in the Republic of Serbia and the region. We are distinguished by a very complex and unique offer of cooling products lineup, where our main asset, the ability to design and implement non-standardized solutions, perfectly tailored to the requirements of investors, stands out.

Today, our company specializes in the industrial refrigeration equipment, commercial refrigeration equipment, industrial equipment for meat, vegetable and fruit processing, while covering a full range of professional services - from consulting, design, equipment sales, to installation, and, finally, maintenance. This completely closes the circle of all services that the customer can request, from standard services to the most demanding ones. Thanks to our professional team and their knowledge, experience and creative ideas, we can provide, create and implement the most cutting-edge and efficient solutions in one location, such as:

  • complete range of equipment with professional technical support
  • the selection of the most optimal technical solutions and equipment that meets the needs and possibilities of consumers,
  • equipment from internationally recognized manufacturers
  • expert and professional assembly
  • egular maintenance and service,
  • safe and reliable operation


- establishment of Eko Elekofrigo as a trading company and signing of the first distribution contract with the Danfoss company


- signing of the distribution contract with the company Bitzer
- the first independent engineering work of refrigeration installations in the first megamarket in Serbia


- Eko Elektrofrigo becomes the general distributor for Alfa Laval company products


- the first independent design and construction of cold storage warehouses for freezing and storing raspberries, 5 cold storage warehouses with a total capacity of 4000 tonsa


- complete design and implementation of cooling installations in the new facility of the Matijević meat industry, the largest meat slaughterhouse in the Republic of Serbia, with the capacity of processing 100 tons of meat per day
- the first turnkey project and the first CA cold storage warehouse for the apples, "Slankamenka" in Slankamen
- three tunnel freezers for freezing raspberries with a capacity of 50 tons per day in the "Frucom" cold storage warehouse in Arilje
- the largest tunnel freezers without subcooling in the Republic of Serbia


- complete pumping system of freon R404a for six vertical plate freezers with a capacity of 6x1500 kg in a batch of 3 hours in the Matijević meat industry


- raspberry cold storage warehouse "Zadrugar" with a capacity of 4000 tons, the most energy efficient cold storage warehouse in the Republic of Serbia with three cooling tunnels for freezing raspberries, with a tunnel capacity of 3 x 30 tons per day


- the first projects of Eko Elektrofrigo abroad (Croatia, Slovenia, Poland...)


- the largest project implemented by Eko Elektrofrigo, the CA cold storage warehouse for apples "Celanova" in Vršac, with a total capacity of 10,000 tons