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Electrical cabinets and SCADA

Control and distribution cabinets manufactured by Eko Elektrofrigo are efficiently and logically structured for power supply and management of refrigeration equipment..Each control cabinet is individually planned by our specialized electrical department, and in our well-equipped electrical workshop, we connect the cabinets ourselves. All main components are carefully and precisely labelled, with mandatory compliance with all legal norms.

The equipment we install in our electrical cabinets is from renowned global manufacturers, such as Danfoss, Schrack, Schneider and others. Depending on the customer's requirements, we make cabinets of different sizes..

During commissioning, our support service is actively involved. In addition to training the user in the use of the equipment, we also provide useful tips for preventing malfunctions. If investor-specific conditions change during the life cycle of the system, we offer the ability to adjust the control programming.

Supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA)

The monitoring and data collection system known as SCADA is used to provide the user with a simple way of displaying the processes that are currently taking place in the facility, i.e. the plant.

The user has the option of monitoring data via a PC in the facility itself or at a remote location, as well as on a mobile phone/tablet. The data is presented in the form of a graphic display on a computer monitor, where all essential parameters of the equipment's operation in the plant can be seen in a simple and clearly visible way. In addition to viewing current data, it is also possible to display historical data, in the form of graphs or tables, in various print formats. In case of failure of one of the machines in the plant, the system alerts the user in an immediate way, in the form of a graphic display of the alarm for a specific problem, with the text of the alarm notification and information about the location. In addition to the immediate alarm, it is also possible to set a remote notification via e-mail.

Also, user access is personalized and protected, so that multiple users with different permissions can simultaneously monitor the operation of the SCADA system.. It is possible to assign rights and permissions separately for each user, so that, for example, the plant manager has the right to monitor data and change the parameters of the equipment, and the maintenance worker can only monitor, without the possibility of changing parameters.

The SCADA system enables the subsequent connection to the network of already existing equipment in the plant, with the condition that the process equipment has some form of communication with the outside world (communication protocol), which elevates the development of processes in the plant to a higher level in terms of control and supervision. In case of short power outages, the SCADA system keeps running so there is no interruption in data logging.

Due to its advanced capabilities, theSCADA system pays off quickly financial-wise, primarily through saving time and costs for process control, and it also reduces the likelihood of operational errors and leads to the optimization of the production process.