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Thermal insulation

Within its range of equipment, Eko Elektrofrigo has thermal insulation panels and cold storage doors of renowned European manufacturers. We are able to offer the delivery of thermal insulation equipment of the manufacturer designated by investor’s request or at our recommendation, with or without installation, in accordance with the user's requirements.

Panels are assembled using a vertical stacking system, and in this way the cold storage room spaces are formed. Installation is carried out by professional staff with many years of experience, which guarantees the top quality and durability of the constructed structure.

In addition, our offer includes cold storage doors. We deliver and install doors of various sizes and types, produced by renowned European manufacturers, specialized in the production of doors for cooling chambers in the commercial and industrial sector. The standard types of cold storage doors used in the refrigeration industry are sliding and standard handle doors, and they can be made with or without a heater, depending on the type of refrigerated space where they are installed, and in accordance with the user's request.